How To Reset Alexa In 2023

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It’s a wise move to learn how to reset Alexa, whether it’s due to an issue with your existing speaker or if you’ve bought a preowned Echo device that hasn’t been reset by the previous owner. Finding out how to reset Alexa will allow your smart home tech, WiFi and Alexa App to connect to create a brilliant Smart Home Hub that will do (almost) everything you need it to do.

Sometimes, how to reset Alexa comes in when learning a skill goes wrong and affects the overall functionality of your Alexa-enabled device. Syncing issues can also happen from time to time, making it difficult to set up another smart tech for Alexa. A quick reset can also cure these issues, with nothing to worry about thanks to overall settings being saved to your Alexa account.

How To Reset Alexa Via Alexa App

Alexa Logo

First, let’s cover how to reset Alexa via the Alexa app. If your Alexa-enabled device is acting up but is already part of your smart home hub, you can reset it remotely via the Alexa app.

Follow These Steps

Alexa app options

Devices > Echo & Alexa > (Choose Your Device) > Factory Reset > Confirm.

How To Reset Alexa Devices Physically

Echo Reset Button

Resetting Alexa devices via the app isn’t always an option, so here’s how to reset all Echo devices:

Echo Dot

Echo Dot

For second-generation, press and hold the Microphone Off and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. Wait for around 20 seconds for the light to turn orange. For every other Echo Dot, just hold the Action Button for 25 seconds.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

For first-generation Echos, press the pinhole reset button. Wait for the light to turn off then on again. Press and hold the Microphone Off and Volume Down buttons for 20 seconds, wait for the orange light. For the rest, hold down the action button for 25 seconds and wait for the orange, blue then orange light combo.

Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus

Reset first-generation Echo Plus with the pinhole reset button. For second-generation, hold down the action button and wait for the ring light to turn off then on again.

Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Show

For all Echo Shows or Echo Spots, say “Alexa, go to settings” or navigate to settings > Device Options > Reset To Factory Defaults.

Amazon Echo Sub

Amazon Echo Sub

Hold down the action button for 25 seconds.

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