Windows 11 Motherboard Compatibility List

Windows 11 is finally available. Find out if your motherboard is Windows 11 ready, or read our suggestions if you need to upgrade/

windows 11 compatible motherboard list

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If you thought that the Windows 11 compatibility requirements stopped at CPUs, think again. With the introduction of beefed-up security thanks to TPM 2.0, you’re going to need a compatible motherboard to actually be able to install the new Microsoft OS.

If you’re sat there looking at your PC and fretting whether you’re motherboard is up to scratch for Windows 11, luckily, a number of brands such as MSI, Gigabyte, BIOSTAR, ASUS, and more have announced whether their boards are compatible.

This article will take you through the full Windows 11 Motherboard compatibility list and will be continuously updated as and when manufacturers release that precious information.

Windows 11 Compatible Motherboards

Below, you should be able to see all of the Windows 11 certified motherboards broken down by brand.

MSI Windows 11 Compatible Motherboards

msi x570 godlike

Intel SeriesAMD Series

*Visit Intel for more information about TPM 2.0 support for Intel chipsets.

**Intel 6th/7th Gen and X-Series 9000/78xx processors are not on the list of Windows 11 compatible processors, as of 2021/07/01.”

ASUS Windows 11 Compatible Motherboards

asus rog strix z490

Intel platformAMD platform
C621 SeriesWRX80 Series
C422 SeriesTRX40 Series
X299 SeriesX570 Series
Z590 SeriesB550 Series
Q570 SeriesA520 Series
H570 SeriesX470 Series
B560 SeriesB450 Series
H510 SeriesX370 Series
Z490 SeriesB350 Series
Q470 SeriesA320 Series
H470 Series
B460 Series
H410 Series
W480 Series
Z390 Series
Z370 Series
H370 Series
B365 Series
B360 Series
H310 Series
Q370 Series
C246 Series

BIOSTAR Windows 11 Compatible Motherboards

biostar b450

Intel SeriesAMD Series
Z590 seriesA520 series
B560 seriesB550 series
B460 seriesX570 series
H510 seriesB450 series
B250 seriesX470 series
J4105NHUX370 series
B350 series
A320 series

Gigabyte Windows 11 Compatible Motherboards

gigabyte trx40

Intel SeriesAMD Series

ASRock Windows 11 Compatible Motherboards

asrock b460m

Intel SeriesAMD Series

Windows 11 Compatible Motherboards – Our Recommendations

We’ve thrown a bunch of information on what motherboards are going to be compatible with Windows 11 but which should you pick if you’ve not got one in your machine already? As usual, there are a number of factors that influence your decision such as budget, specs, and futureproofing but below, we’ve picked out three of our favorites that are worthwhile pickups to create a Windows 11 ready machine.

Final Word

And there we have it, the full list of Windows 11 compatible motherboards and our recommendations so you can either get your PC upgraded ready for the new OS, or rest easy that you’re already prepped.

If you have any other queries or concerns around Windows 11, we’ve developed a whole Windows 11 category for all your OS needs so you’ll never encounter an issue you can’t fix again! Furthermore, we’ve also started having a look at the latest Windows 12 rumors to keep up to date with the potential features and speculations about a Windows 12 operating system.