Apple iPad Air 2024 release date prediction, specs rumors & price estimate

Here's the latest on the Apple iPad Air 2024 release date - plus specs & price

Apple iPad Air 2024 release date, specs, price

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It has been a couple of years since Apple last launched an iPad Air, but another is on the way! Today we’re going to look at what we know so far about the Apple iPad Air 2024 release date, as well as the specs and price. The good news is that it could be just around the corner according to current predictions, though we’re waiting for Apple to make an official announcement. Next in line is the 6th generation iPad Air according to the Apple store, and some interesting changes are rumored.

The new iPad Pro is also slated for launch around the same time, so check out our dedicated Apple iPad Pro OLED 2024 release date page if you’re interested in the flagship models. Back on topic with the iPad Air though, let’s jump straight into everything there is to know about it.

Apple iPad Air 2024 release date prediction

As ever with new Apple hardware launches, Mark Gurman at Bloomberg is a reliable source. He recently suggested that the new iPad Air will be launched in May 2024 if all goes to plan. He goes on to say that an early May release would be around a month prior to Apple’s next major event, WWDC 2024, an annual conference where we generally see some of Apple’s biggest reveals – like the Vision Pro last year.

To be a little more specific, Mark’s recent Power On newsletter predicts a May 6th launch, which should be followed up by pre orders later on that week. Again, this coincides with the Pro models as well, so any change in the release schedule for either of these should go hand-in-hand.

Apple iPad Air 2024 specs rumored

SpecificationDetails (rumored)
Screen size10.9″ and 12.9″
Screen technologyLiquid Retina display, IPS panel
ProcessorApple M2 Chip
CameraFront-face camera moved from top bezel to side

Not too much is known about the new 2024 iPad Air specs, but some important changes are reportedly coming. First of all, Bloomberg has reported on the inclusion of the newer M2 chip, which is a lower spec than the Pro’s M3, but that’s to be expected. The current 2022 iPad Air instead uses their old M1 chip, so this is an obvious generational upgrade.

Another big change is the introduction of a new size. Rather than just a single size per generation which is evident from past iPad Air models, two different sizes are expected – 10.9-inch and 12.9-inch. This new larger screen now matches that of the current generation of iPad Pro.

Lastly, there are also reports that the front-facing camera will be moved from the top of the panel to side to better suit a landscape orientation. Respected leaker ShrimpApplePro mentioned this new camera position, though they don’t specify whether it is a third camera, or whether it has simply been moved. They are also dubious about a larger 12.9″ model.

Apple iPad Air 2024 price estimate

When it comes to the price tag, we can generally look at the current generation to get an understanding of the expected price range. For reference, the current 5th-gen model (10.9-inch) will cost you $599. However, with another size expected, that throws in an extra variable to think about. Macworld has reported on a couple of expected prices which we agree with, with a $100 price increase for the larger size.

  • iPad Air 6th gen 10.9-inch expected price: $599
  • iPad Air 6th gen 12.9-inch expected price: $699

Is the 2024 Apple iPad Air going to be OLED?

We doubt that the Apple iPad Air will be using an OLED display. Apple has been investing more into OLED panel technology, partnering with brands such as LG and Samsung to do so. However, at the moment it looks like only the new 2024 iPad Pro will be making the upgrade to OLED, with the 2024 iPad Air sticking to its IPS panel.

Will the new iPad Air come out at the same time as the Pro?

Yes, we expect Apple to launch the iPad Air and iPad Pro in tandem early this May. Like we’ve said, it has been a couple of years since we last saw new generations for both the Air and Pro, so it makes a lot of sense to launch them together – and all evidence so far points towards that.

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