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Best CPU cooler for Core i5 14600K – All-in-one, air and liquid

Last Updated on January 12, 2024
Best CPU cooler for Core i5 14600K.

In this article, we’re taking a look at the best CPU cooler for Core i5 14600K, ensuring that your processor remains at optimal temperatures even during intense gaming or multitasking sessions. The Core i5 14600K, being one of the latest offerings from Intel, brings robust performance to the table, but like all high-end processors, it needs an effective cooling solution to stay within safe thermal limits.

The i5 14600K is taking over from its last-gen predecessor the 13600K as Intel’s flagship mid-range CPU. While it doesn’t quite compete at the same level as the crown jewel of the 14th Gen, the Core i9-14900K, the 14600K is a strong player in its field with clock speeds reaching max turbo frequencies of 5.3 GHz. Therefore, selecting the right cooling solution is paramount to achieving the best performance and longevity from this CPU. Let’s get started!

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best CPU cooler for Core i5 14600K

Choosing the best CPU cooler for the Intel Core i5 14600K is not a decision we take lightly. Our selection process begins with understanding the specific thermal demands of the processor. The Core i5 14600K, with its multiple cores and high boost frequencies, can generate a considerable amount of heat under load. To be a bit more specific, it boasts 6 performance cores, 8 efficient cores, and 20 total threads providing this processor with boost clock speeds over 5.3 GHz. Hence, the cooling solution should be equipped to handle this.

We also sift through publicly available benchmarks and reviews from trusted sources, focusing on real-world performance, noise levels, ease of installation, and overall value for money. However, given that the architecture of this 14th Gen chip isn’t too dissimilar to its 13th Gen predecessor, we can also draw on our comparison between the 14600K vs 13600K to inform our research. Furthermore, as the i5 14600K also makes use of the Intel LGA 1700 socket type we can weigh in on our rundown of the best LGA 1700 cooler.

While the ultimate decision is always yours, we intend to offer a range of options that make a strong starting point for your own individual research. This includes both high-end and budget choices, as well as coolers more catered towards gaming for PC builders upgrading their gaming rig.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Top-tier cooling efficiency
  • Customizable A-RGB
  • Silent operation
  • May be too large for some cases
  • Premium price segment
  • Potentially excessive for light users

Featuring a 360mm radiator, the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360 A-RGB is designed for optimal heat dissipation. The cooler includes multiple PWM-controlled fans that ensure efficient airflow, while the customizable A-RGB lighting can be tailored to match your system’s aesthetics. Built with precision, this AIO liquid cooler is engineered to deliver impressive cooling performance without compromising on noise levels.

This cooler is a perfect companion for professionals like content creators or data analysts who often push their CPU to the limits. When you’re running intensive applications, the ARCTIC ensures your Core i5 14600K remains cool and stable. Plus, with the striking A-RGB lighting, it will be a visual centerpiece in your setup.

  • Exceptional cooling capability
  • Brilliant CAPELLIX lighting
  • Comprehensive software control
  • Premium cost
  • Requires ample case space
  • Not necessary for modest workloads

The Corsair iCUE H150i Elite CAPELLIX XT stands out with its 360mm radiator and high-density CAPELLIX LEDs that deliver bright and vibrant illumination. This cooler integrates Corsair’s cutting-edge pump and fan technology, ensuring superior heat transfer from your CPU. Additionally, the cooler is designed to interface seamlessly with the Corsair iCUE software, allowing for in-depth monitoring and customization. best air cooler

Ideal for the high-end user – be it a gaming enthusiast, a 3D designer, or a video editing guru – this cooler ensures the Core i5 14600K maintains optimal temperatures even during rigorous tasks. The combination of performance and aesthetics, accentuated by the CAPELLIX LEDs, makes it a worthy addition to any high-end build. Without a doubt, this cooler is worth the investment alongside the best motherboard for Intel 14th Gen.

  • High cooling efficiency
  • Broad socket support
  • Quiet operation
  • Lacks addressable RGB on fans
  • Bulky size may pose fitting issues
  • Potential pump noise at high RPMs

The Thermalright Frozen Magic 360 Scenic V2 is a 360mm AIO liquid cooler, stretching out to dimensions of 397 × 120 × 54 mm. It’s equipped with three 120mm 4-pin PWM fans that have an impressive maximum speed of 2150 RPM. In terms of noise, this cooler is relatively quiet, producing only 28.1 dBA. Furthermore, its extensive socket support, which includes a wide range from Intel’s LGA series to AMD’s AM and FM series, makes it versatile for various builds. And for those who love aesthetics, it boasts RGB lighting, though its fans aren’t A-RGB.

For those on a budget, but still looking to invest in an AIO cooler, this Thermalright offering is a game-changer. While its price is relatively lower, its performance is anything but subpar. The cooler not only ensures that the Core i5 14600K remains at optimal temperatures but also offers an effortless installation process. This cooler demonstrates that you don’t have to compromise performance for affordability.

  • Outstanding cooling
  • Wallet-friendly pricing
  • Broad socket compatibility
  • Aesthetic might not appeal to everyone
  • Larger than some alternatives

The Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE ARGB stands out as a dual tower cooler, boasting dimensions of 125 × 110 × 115 mm. Equipped with two 120mm TL-C12C fans, the cooler delivers an impressive airflow, reaching a fan speed of 1550 RPM. Despite this robust performance, the noise levels are kept in check at 25.6 dBA. This unit also supports multiple sockets, from Intel’s LGA 115X, 1700, and 1200 to AMD’s AM4 and AM5. And yes, it features RGB lighting to give your setup a visual kick.

For gaming enthusiasts pushing their Core i5 14600K, this cooler offers a brilliant equilibrium of power and price. Its cooling capability ensures stable and prolonged gaming sessions without the CPU reaching throttling temperatures. Though it may not win beauty contests, its performance on the gaming battlefield is commendable. If you’re a gamer looking for top-notch performance without breaking the bank, this cooler is a stellar pick.

Features and considerations

When delving into the vast world of CPU coolers, there are several features and considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, the size and compatibility of the cooler is paramount. Not all coolers fit every PC case, and there’s nothing worse than finding out your newly purchased cooler is too tall or too wide.

Another crucial aspect is the cooler’s noise level. Modern coolers are designed to be much quieter than their predecessors, but there’s still a significant variation. Some users may be more sensitive to noise, especially if the PC is in a quiet room or used for tasks like audio editing.

Does the Intel i5 need a cooler?

Yes, every CPU, including the Intel i5 series and the i5 14600K, requires a cooler to dissipate heat produced during operation. While Intel processors often come with stock coolers, upgrading to an aftermarket cooler can provide better cooling performance, quieter operation, and potentially offer more overhead for overclocking.

Our Verdict

Marla’s thoughts

Choosing the right cooler for your CPU is not just about keeping temperatures low, but it also affects the longevity of your components, noise levels, and even the aesthetics of your build. Throughout this article, we’ve discussed the best CPU coolers for the Core i5 14600K, each with its own strengths tailored for different needs and budgets. However, our editor’s choice goes to the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360 for its tailored A-RGB and impressive all-in-one cooling capabilities that would make a perfect match for your i5 14600K processor.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, a content creator, or just someone who wants a silent PC build, there’s an option here for you. Remember, the right cooler does not just keep your CPU chilly; it enhances your entire computing experience.