Rocket Bunny (RBX) – All you need to know

We look at the crypto coin and all the essential information you need to know


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DApps and protocols designed to speed up the movement of digital assets and capital are the focus of RBX.

The company was formerly known as RocketBunny. Aside from that, they also made the decision to change their current branding in order to better communicate the more serious nature of their services and products.

Rocket Bunny was always launched with the intention of releasing innovative and helpful products as part of its ecosystem. This intention has not changed.

They are now abandoning their meme token exterior appearance to adopt a look that is considered more “professional.”

Coin Project

“No fees. No bull. Just RBX.”

Keeping user headaches to a minimum is an essential component of user-friendly product design. In spite of the fact that they recognize the merits of taxing token transactions, their primary objective is to speed up the circulation of RBX.

RBX wants users to be enthusiastic about making use of their tokens in any capacity, whether it be staking, farming, providing or managing liquidity, or simply interacting with external features.

There are no transaction taxes associated with RBX; rather, there is just a simple sell tax of 2%. People are able to buy, store, move, stake, and play without their holdings being affected in any way.

Because of this, RBX not only includes a daily snapshot of the entire supply, but also takes into account each individual holder’s position.

Because of this, they are able to develop products and features that are only available to real holders, not just temporary wallets.


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Where to buy RBX?

If you would like to know where you can buy RBX at the current rate, the leading cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in RBX stock are currently TraderJoe, PancakeSwap, and Uniswap.

If you are interested in buying RBX, you can do so at the current rate by visiting one of these websites.

How is RBX linked to Carbon?

The suite of innovative protocols developed by Carbon is being implemented in the market by RBX. Carbon serves as both their umbrella brand and their technology provider, so it is the “base layer” of everything that they do with RBX.

Carbon is responsible for the engineering of all of the functionality of the RBX ecosystem and creates a divide between research and development and practical applications in the market. Carbon is a governance asset that has not yet been released, but it also derives value from the revenue that has been accumulated.

When the public deployment of Carbon is complete, each token will be backed by an ever-expanding portfolio of digital assets that have been generated as a result of the economic activity within the ecosystem.

Because of this, an ever-expanding and reliable source of value is created, making it possible for anyone to own a portion of what RBX do and each of the endeavors that they undertake.