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Best mouse bungee in 2024

Last Updated on February 16, 2024

You may be reading this thinking. ‘Do I really need a mouse bungee’? Are they just some kind of gaming placebo to make you feel you are playing better. Well, the amount of pro-players that use them would suggest otherwise. You may well have been in the situation while during a particularly tense round of Apex Legends, lining up a headshot only to suddenly yank a can of coke all over your desk as it gets caught on the cord. Well, fret no more, because our round-up of mouse bungees is here to prevent that mess ever happening again.

The mouse bungee itself is a small stand that elevates your mouse cord up off the desk and away from any potentially snagging points. Obviously, if you use a wireless mouse, then move along to another page of PC Guide, but gamers looking for lag-free input don’t use wireless mice. It’s cords all the way. 

Products at a Glance

How we picked

We chose the mouse bungees beloved by the pro players. If you watch any kind of eSports regularly, you are sure to see these appearing in various setups. From there we worked out our top three and present them to you right here.

We attached the tail of our trusty Corsair mouse to each bungee and put it through its paces in a variety of games such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and Fortnite. We measured tension and snaggability (if it’s not a real word, then it should be) to come up with our final selection.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Small footprint
  • Vacuum connection to desk
  • Subtle RGB
  • The cord routing for PC connection might not suit everybody’s setup

Cougar has obviously looked at existing bungee solutions and thought, how can we disrupt that and make them better. The result is the Bunker Bungee.

The first thing you will notice is how compact it is. Its footprint on your desk is tiny compared to say the Enhance above. RGB lighting is built into the base in a much more discreet way here and a push of a button will activate one of 14 different lighting effects.

A two-port USB hub is hidden away as well, giving you some extra utility, but if there was a complaint, it does feel a bit too plasticky perhaps.

One match-winning advantage it has though is one you won’t instantly notice. The Bunker doesn’t just sit on your desk and rely on non-slip feet to stay static; this has a suction cup that uses a vacuum system to stay in place. You may have seen this used on things like TomTom car GPS systems before. As long as you have a desk it will stick to, it’s a great feature and lifts it above the competition here.

The bungee itself isn’t the spring arm variety either. Instead, a wide channel on a wide-rubber arm clasps the mouse cord and keeps it out of the way. It’s a different way of solving the same problem and it works fine.

  • Good bungee system
  • 4-port USB
  • Garish
  • Large footprint

When is a mouse bungee not a mouse bungee? When it’s a four-port USB hub as well. Enhance is taking the premise here that people might think a mouse bungee is an unnecessary luxury, but if you load it with four useful USB ports, then it becomes an easier choice to buy, and it does.

Having for extra ports for things like RGB mousepads, USB pen drives and the like can be handy, but there are other reasons you either will or won’t make this your bungee of choice.

You can probably guess by now we are talking mainly about the styling here, which will certainly not be to everybody’s tastes. It’s certainly, er, futuristic looking, with its electronics design that is lit up with the device’s seven color schemes.

It has a bigger footprint than the other two on here, but it lights up, is extra weighty because of the large USB hub, and the spring-loaded arm certainly keeps your muse cord at bay.

It’s a very nice mouse bungee, but it certainly won’t be for everybody.

  • Functional and stylish
  • No frills just does its job
  • It’s a pretty basic thing and therefore possibly expensive for what you get
  • No USB

It’s fair to say Razer knows its mice, and they know competitive gaming too. The redesigned version of their original mouse bungee takes the great features from the original and smooths over some of the rougher edges.

It’s very much a Razer product to look at, all sleek and black, and it can control a mouse cord up to 3.2mm in thickness with ease.

The spring-loaded complete with cable clips arm prevents your cord from getting tangled, and the base is heavy enough and boasts anti-slip feet, which should mean it stays in place.

Is it the sexiest looking mouse bungee out there? (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write) – well no, but if your desk setup is styled around Razer products it’s going to fit right in

Things to consider

Do you really need a mouse bungee?

Well, if you play a lot of mouse-based games, especially quick action FPS shooters, you will be surprised how quickly you realize you wished you’d always had one. Yes, it is a luxury item without a doubt, but if you are looking for a little extra edge or even a new gadget, this may be wone you haven’t considered before.

Our Verdict

We really like the Cougar Bunker. There’senough of a difference to the mouse bungees we are used to to make the price seem acceptable. Paying around $40 for a weighted base and a spring can seem a little excessive, but the Cougar’s new features take it away from that issue for us.

The RGB looks nice, it has a two-port (USB 2.0) hub built-in and the suction system worked really well. This will be desk dependent though, but if you have a smooth surface, you should be fine. It’s definitely the one we would choose here.