PS4 Controller Not Charging – Fixes

PS4 Controller Not Charging

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Has your PS4 controller suddenly stopped charging? Have you thought you put your controller to charge but find it is still dead and you don’t know why? Well, you aren’t alone.

If your PS4 controller doesn’t charge you can be left disappointed and unable to get in some time on your favorite game. 

Figuring out how to fix your controller and get it to charge can be tricky though, and can leave you frustrated, tangled up in wires, debating if the hassle is even worth it.

Well, we’ve got five ways you can fix your PS4 controller – to get it charging again or at least diagnose the problem.


How To Fix PS4 Controller Not Charging



Try A Different Device

First, try to charge the controller with another device. Sometimes, our controllers can struggle to charge connected to the PS4, so this is a good way to troubleshoot your issue.

Plug your PS4 controller into a PC, Android, or Mac device and see if it starts to charge.

If the controller still doesn’t charge, then you know that the issue could be with the controller rather than the PS4 itself.



Change The Charging Cable

Wires are more often than not the cause of our downfall, so try swapping out your charging cable. Use another cable to see if your controller starts to charge.

If you don’t have another wire, you can try and use the wire to charge a different controller to see if that makes a difference.

When using your charging cable, examine it for any signs of damage. Is the cord frayed? Or is there some grime in the plug? These can impact the performance of the wire and leave you with a controller that doesn’t charge!



Examine The Charging Port

As we mentioned earlier, grime or a build-up of dust can cause issues when charging your PS4 controller.

So, take a look at the charging port on the back of your PS4 controller. Use a wooden toothpick or some compressed air to gently clean the port and test the controller again to see if it charges now.



Try Resetting Your Controller

Sometimes, the PS4 controller doesn’t charge because the PS4 doesn’t recognize it.

In these cases, you will want to reset and repair your controller to see if that helps. This isn’t too tricky to do either.

First, open the settings menu on your PS4 and navigate to Devices.

Once you have clicked on devices, remove all of them from the list. This will clear your PS4 knowledge of any connected controllers.

Next, press something into the small hole on your controller. This is on the underside of your controller, a bobby pin or toothpick usually works.

Hold it down for five seconds before using the PS button to re-sync your controller to the PS4. You can connect your controller and see if it charges now.



Power Cycle Your PS4

Finally, you can try a power cycle on your PS4 to see if that helps. To do this, turn your PS4 and controller off and unplug the power cord from your outlet.

Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and press the power button for 30 seconds, this will drain the PS4 of all its leftover energy.

Once this is done, you can plug the PS4 back in and turn it on. Connect your controller and see if it starts to charge now.

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, five methods you can use to troubleshoot and see why your PS4 controller won’t charge. If after trying all of these methods your controller still won’t charge, check your warranty.

If you are still under warranty, it’s best to take the controller to Sony or the retailer you purchased it from for a refund, replacement, or repair.

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