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Best Computer Desk in 2023

Transform your PC space with the best computer desks
Last Updated on April 15, 2024
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More people than ever before are remote working. Transforming an underused home office or tight space into a suitable workspace is a task many are now familiar with. Many seek to replicate the office environment for the long term. And, by extension, hopefully porting the same level of productivity and workplace efficiency to a home setup.

Finding the right computer desk is an integral part of this process. No computer setup is complete without a desk fit for purpose. Especially when it comes to safeguarding well-being, promoting good posture, and stoking the motivation to work in a space previously reserved for relaxation and fun. A computer desk also serves a functional role as a sturdy base to support a computer and associated accessories.

We’ve tried to narrow down what is an exasperating glut of options. Check out our selection of the best computer desks currently out there.

Products at a Glance

How We Picked

As subjective terms go, ‘best’ certainly ranks up there and can vary drastically from person to person. Preferences and needs will largely dictate what computer desk best suits your particular situation. Those with cash to burn may find their fill into luxury options. Alternatively, a compact desk may be perfect for those converting a corner of a living room into a work area.

Our selection process was guided by the general factors you should look out for when shopping for a computer desk. Price, surface space, build quality, customization options, and aesthetics proved central to unearthing the very best computer desks out there.

Five computer desks stood above the rest for us. They cover a range of needs, including standing desks and more compact designs and budgets. Our aim is that you’ll either find the perfect desk or leave with a better grasp of what’s out there. Let’s jump in.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Sturdy design
  • Ample desk space
  • Storage
  • Easy assembly
  • Expensive
  • No adjustment/customization options

Minimalist in design but packed with welcome features and loads of desktop space, the Foxemart Computer Desk impressed us. It steals the crown as our pick of the best computer desk.

The desk features a powder-coated metal frame, steel brackets, and tasteful black/brown wood boards on the top. The Foxemart Computer Desk complements even the most stringently curated office spaces with a sleek, durable overall look. A scratch-resistant, waterproof finish on the surface wood wards off scratches and blemishes that tend to arise with daily use.

Desktop space tallies up to 47.2″ by 23.6″. The Foxemart Computer Desk provides enough space to accommodate multi-monitor setups alongside a keyboard and mouse. There’s ample space to spare for documents and other PC accessories. For larger areas, there’s also a 55.2″ version. Four storage shelves, positioned on the desk’s left and right, allow plenty of space for an office or gaming chair. The larger, lower shelves on each side can easily house a PC tower. However, a full tower ATX build will struggle to fit.

Small touches such as the solid steel brackets and adjustable leg pads further accentuate the durable design underpinning the desk while supporting substantial weight – even the most awkwardly designed and heavy monitors will find a home. Foxemart’s belief in the product means they’ve thrown in a generous 24-month warranty. The Foxemart Computer Desk also has the added benefit of easy assembly – under 30 minutes.

While sturdy and easy on the eye, the Foxemart Computer Desk does compromise on customization and adjustment options. However, the 29.6″ height falls in what we’d call the standard range for computer desks. To that end, it should suit most users and office/gaming chairs.

We won’t sugarcoat this. The Foxemart Computer Desk costs a pretty penny and is by far the priciest in our guide. But, as a long-term, permanent home office solution, it warrants every dollar spent.

  • Standing desk
  • Perfect for laptops
  • Mobile
  • Versatile customization options
  • Low price
  • Not suitable for large desktop PC setups

Whether favored for their ergonomic benefits or to offer a bit of positional variety when working long hours, standing desks have taken the office world by storm over the past decade. As such, our product guide to the best computer desk wouldn’t be complete without a standing desk option.

Enter the Sdadi Mobile Standing Desk. Compact, mobile, and low-priced, the Sdadi Mobile Standing Desk does a stellar job of morphing the large standing office workspace into a desk suitable for the home.

A two-legged steel frame with rust-proof coating sits atop four silent ABS wheels, with a pair of split-design MDF wood panels perched on top. The panels’ height and position can be adjusted to either suit standing or seated work – from 27.5″ to 45.3″ and are suitable for users up to 6′ tall. The panels move to offer a two-tiered layout with the bottom acting as a keyboard shelf, combined into one larger 23.6″ x 23.6″ work area, or the front panel can even be angled so that the desk resembles a slanted lectern.

To avoid confusion: the Sdadi Mobile Standing Desk is very much designed as an inexpensive, lightweight, and mobile standing desk solution. As such, don’t expect it to support a monstrous 34″ ultra-wide monitor without toppling over or, at the very least, wobbling under the load. This is first and foremost a standing desk for laptops and smaller monitors. The Sdadi Mobile Standing Desk also lacks flair in the looks department, with a rather drab design, but this is a minor gripe at such an affordable price.

  • Compact design
  • Durable build
  • Inexpensive
  • Limited height adjustment

Not all of us are blessed with a spare room to set up an office space. We often have to make do with a small space in a living room or kitchen. If that sounds like you and you’re on the lookout for a compact computer desk, then the Fitueyes Computer Desk is an excellent option.

With a 27.6″ x 23.6″ x 33.5″ total footprint, this desk can squeeze into even the tightest spots. It still offers everything you need from a computer desk. The Fitueyes Computer Desk does this without sacrificing durability. This is thanks to a robust build supported by a sturdy Z-shaped metal frame. The Fitueyes Computer Desk features a uniform all-black finish that should fit unobtrusively into most home spaces.

It also features three smooth-finished, waterproof MDF shelves. One, a raised hutch specifically to support a monitor alongside smaller computer accessories; one to place your keyboard and mouse; and one almost at ground level – an ideal home for a PC tower or printer. Combined, the shelves deliver a generous amount of space-saving options for a neat computer setup and support up to 50kg.

Four screw feet can be adjusted to raise or lower the desk’s height. Although the range is relatively limited at 1″, that’s already more than some pricier models. It is enough to hone in on that perfect eye-level monitor height sweet spot. The feet also double as adjustments for uneven floors and do wonders to get rid of unwanted wobble.

The Fitueyes Computer Desk is also inexpensive compared to some of the compact computer desk options out there. Perfect for those that don’t want to spend a fortune adapting their home for work.

  • Easy assembly
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Affordable
  • Chrome leg design won’t be to everyone’s taste
  • No adjustment/customization options

The Convenience Concepts Modern Student Desk succeeds in marrying ease of installation, a wealth of storage options, and a durable design into a functional computer desk at a very attractive price point. For this reason, it wins out as our top convenient computer desk.

Build quality is one of the main draws of the Convenience Concepts Modern Student Desk. A metal frame with a chrome finish supports four shelves alongside a two-layer composite surface for a total desktop area of 47.25″ x 15.75.

The storage options are nothing short of generous, with the second surface compartment perfect for housing a keyboard when not in use or reference documents that are used regularly. In the spirit of convenience, the Convenience Concepts Modern Student Desk is a breeze to piece together with easy, tool-less assembly.

It’s fair to say that on the looks front, the Convenience Concepts Modern Student Desk isn’t the most appealing or stylish out there due, in part, to the showy chrome design of the legs. If a desk blending seamlessly into any decor is essential, it may be advisable to look elsewhere. Several colors are available, though, from a woody brown to grey, by way of more striking blue and pink, which may help ease its introduction into your home.

Another way the Convenience Concepts Modern Student Desk falls short is the lack of customization and adjustment options. The height is set, limiting what type and size of chair you can hope to slide between the legs and out-of-the-box monitor/keyboard positioning options.

  • Low price
  • Simple and compact design
  • Storage
  • No adjustments
  • Weight capacity

Those on the hunt for a no-frills computer desk steeped with value may find a lot of joy in the AmazonBasics Classic Home Office Computer Desk. As the name suggests, the desk is as basic as they come. To that end, it’s worth reigning in expectations and considering this desk for it is – simple and functional with a low price.

Despite all this, the AmazonBasics Classic Home Office Computer Desk adopts a minimalist design that is easy on the eye and sturdy to boot. The all-black/espresso/white (three color schemes are available) design features a metal frame and back bracket, two wooden open storage shelves, and a 29.5″ x 19.6″ tabletop surface. The shelves are ideal for PC accessories or work items but, unfortunately, aren’t large enough to house a PC tower. Piecing the desk together is as easy as the Convenience Concepts Modern Student Desk, thanks to tool-free assembly.

While the AmazonBasics Classic Home Office Computer Desk has no adjustment options per se, the shelves can be assembled on either the left or right to suit different preferences. It falters when it comes to weight capacity and shows its limits when used to support heavy or multiple monitor PC setups. Much like the Sdadi Mobile Standing Desk, this one is very much geared towards more modest desktop setups and laptops.

Nevertheless, the AmazonBasics Classic Home Office Computer Desk delivers everything you’d expect from a reliable, if unimpressive, computer desk at a low price.

Things To Consider

Benefits of a Dedicated Work Space

A dining table or lounge chair can only go so far as PC use goes, especially after months of working from home when the lack of comfort becomes all too apparent, or worse, these locations unfit for sustained work lead to physical pain and strain.

Prolonged sitting already takes its toll on the body, so it’s vital to take every step possible for your well-being. A desk, as we noted, above is very much the centerpiece of any optimized computer setup and is the perfect first step toward establishing a good workspace.

The benefits of a quality computer desk range from the motivation and productivity that stems from a dedicated area to aiding better posture and all-around comfort. In the long run, you, and your body, will thank you for putting in the effort to make your work that much easier, dare we say enjoyable, to complete.

Customization and Adjustments

With such a wide variety of body types and shapes, no desk will suit everyone out of the box, which is why desks with adjustment and customization tend to last longer than pre-set options. Whether that’s adjusting the height, retooling the position of shelves, or a generous weight capacity, you’ll work and play better at a desk that adapts to your body rather than the other way around.

With that being said, there are many excellent desks without customization options out there, as we saw above with the Foxemart Computer Desk. For these, it’s a case of ensuring it works with your size and height before purchase to guarantee a good fit out of the box.


What is a  good computer desk?

If you’re seeking a chic, practical, and spacious work surface, the Foxemart Computer Desk emerges as a top contender. While it comes at a premium cost, it proves to be a worthwhile and lasting investment. It provides good cable management, and is a solid foundation for any gaming monitor and gaming PC. It is a great home office desk which comes with storage space underneath. There’s plenty of room for any mouse pad, keypad and other peripherals.

Is a standing desk best?

If you prefer standing while you work, a standing desk may be better, especially as they are said to be better for your back in some cases. However, this doesn’t apply to everyone. It might be worth trying one out first at a shop near you.

Our Verdict

For those serious about a stylish, functional, and generously-sized workspace, then the Foxemart Computer Desk scores highly on all fronts. If your finances can stomach the high price, this desk is an excellent long-term investment.

With the demand for standing desks, we had to include the Sdadi Mobile Standing Desk. Versatile, mobile, and easy of the wallet, it succeeds in delivering a standing work environment perfectly re-sized for the home.

As for a compact option, we are big fans of the Fitueyes Computer Desk. Small but robust, it should handle anything you throw its way without encroaching on precious space in your home. Similarly, the Convenience Concepts Modern Student Desk is an excellent option for those that want easy assembly and convenience. Finally, for sheer well-rounded value, AmazonBasics Classic Home Office Computer Desk is as functional and inexpensive as it gets without trudging into waste-of-money flop territory.

We hope you’ve found some value in today’s product guide to the best computer desks and are now better equipped to find an option that suits your needs. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message in the comments section below. We’d be more than happy to help if we can.