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Best Oculus Quest 2 battery packs in 2024

Last Updated on February 1, 2024
The best Oculus Quest 2 battery packs

The best Oculus Quest battery packs usually come built into a custom strap. The issue with using a traditional power bank is fitting it onto the standard headstrap or Oculus Quest 2 safely, which can be a bit of a challenge when performing highly active tasks in VR.

Power banks have become part of everyday life for many. Users on long commutes and gamers on the go, using that handy USB-powered charging functionality when their handsets and Nintendo Switches are running low on juice. But who came up with such a great idea?

Pisen, a Chinese technology firm revealed the first usable power bank in 2001 at the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show. It was requested by an Antarctic Expedition Team who needed a portable charger for their video cameras and other tech.

By today’s standards, this revolution was low-powered and drained quickly, but the power banks of today come in all shapes, sizes, and battery power. Block power banks are most common and usually show up as rectangular bars with a couple of USB ports on one side. They’re usually not high-powered, but great for an emergency burst of power here and there.

A slimmer profile power bank exists known as a credit card power bank. It more or less has the same functionality as a block power bank with a slimmer form factor. Wireless power banks look similar, although they’ll usually be a bit bigger and offer wireless charging by resting compatible tech on its surface. The issue with wireless charging is that it’s significantly slower than wired charging.

Power banks are also built-into everyday technology that people use every day, which is how wireless earbuds charge when docked in their charger cases. Some of the best Oculus Quest 2 battery packs in this guide use power banks that are built into the head strap. There are even solar-powered power banks that charge by being left in direct sunlight.

Lastly, there are significantly powerful power banks that aren’t so much a portable option but serve as a great power backup for server rooms and other high-risk digital-first environments.


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How we picked

There are plenty of advantages to having power banks around, the most obvious one being portability – no one wants to use an Oculus Quest 2 tethered to a wall socket. With that being said, here are some things we considered when choosing one of the best Oculus Quest 2 battery packs below.

Definitely, affordability, which all our buyer’s guides do! We do not want our readers to break the bank, so we always offer budget and premium options for all kinds of VR users. Next up, is weight. The power banks we have chosen will connect directly to your VR headset. So the added weight these will bring is obviously a concern.  Lastly, overall comfort. Some of the battery packs we have chosen rank highly in comfort due to their padding. We know our readers will want to spend as long as possible with their VR headsets on, so we made sure this was a priority.




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  • Uses battery weight to balance headset
  • Re-charge Quest 2 and strap at the same time
  • Unable to rest head whilst in use

Users can extend playtime officially with the Oculus Quest 2 elite strap with the battery built into the strap itself. This best Oculus Quest 2 battery pack is an official resolution to boosting the battery life of the hit VR headset without having wires and power banks hanging off and causing safety concerns.

This battery pack can double the playtime of an Oculus Quest 2 headset in-between charges, giving users up to six hours of power depending on the user gaming or watching videos. Although we must state that we don’t recommend playing VR games for over one hour at a time.

The design of this best Oculus Quest 2 battery pack offsets the weight of the headset with the weight of the battery, providing a perfectly balanced headset that won’t be falling off users’ faces in a hurry. The adjustable wheel at the rear of the headset makes for easy one-handed adjustment with a build quality you can trust from Oculus.

  • Adds 9 hours when streaming video
  • Breathable TPU back pad
  • USB-C connection has to snap into place

This best Oculus Quest 2 battery pack is again built into a custom strap made of upgraded ABS material, which means it’s a less brittle and more durable headset than a standard adjustable plastic strap. Busqueda thinks it can stand up to 100,000 bends during its lifetime.

The whole strap weighs 350g in total, which also means this best Oculus Quest 2 battery pack offsets the weight of the VR headset to balance better on a user, meaning Oculus Quest 2 isn’t front-side heavy. 

The TPU back pad has a hole design, which is meant to improve air circulation at the back of the head and to keep temperatures down during playtime. There’s also a one-year guarantee from Busqueda that promises to replace the Elite Strap if there are any issues within the first year of use.

  • Strap helps distribute weight
  • One size fits all
  • Does not include a power bank

For those who already have a suitable power bank at home, why not just use that instead? Well, the issue is how to make sure the power bank is hitting users in the face whenever they move. The Elite head strap for Oculus Quest 2 is in this best Oculus Quest 2 battery pack guide because it allows users to use their own power banks safely.

The clip for a power bank supports battery packs between 50mm and 80mm in width, anything bigger or smaller than this simply won’t fit or won’t be held securely in the headset. If a user’s power bank doesn’t match these requirements we wouldn’t recommend using this product out of fear of their own safety.

Like other best Oculus Quest 2 battery packs in this guide, the power bank clip will help offset the weight of the main Oculus Quest 2 unit. It’s also fully adjustable with a rear adjustment wheel for easy one-handed adjustment. This head strap simply fits the same buckle used to attached Oculus Quest 2 to users existing headset strap.

  • Balances battery weight
  • Foam and PU leather padding
  • No wheel adjuster, Velcro straps only

Destek is another best Oculus Quest 2 battery pack that has a power bank built-in. It also has LED battery indicators to show users how much charge is on the battery pack. This best Oculus Quest 2 battery pack adds around two hours of extended battery life. A lead goes from the battery pack at the rear of the headset and plugs into the charging port of the Oculus Quest 2.

For those who aren’t fans of ABS plastic headset frames, Deskteks elite strap is a material and velcro design. Whilst this is a more breathable option, fitness users of Oculus Quest 2 may find the headset unsuitable for hygiene reasons. This is mostly due to the head straps absorbing sweat rather than resisting it for a user to sanitize after use.

The back/rear head pad is made of PU leather and foam for a comfortable and breathable fit, however, which is a bonus when using Oculus Quest 2 for extended periods of time. Although we would recommend taking a break from using VR headsets in general after an hour of playtime to avoid dizziness and vertigo symptoms.

  • Overheating protection
  • ABS+PC build material with a TPU head pad for comfort
  • Top strap is stretchy Velcro

The clean and modern design of this best Oculus Quest 2 battery pack rivals the official Oculus Quest headstrap and battery pack, but it’s nearly half the price. This best Oculus Quest 2 battery pack extended the total playtime of Oculus Quest 2 play sessions for six or seven hours, although it’s a good idea to take a break once an hour to avoid motion sickness symptoms.

Although this is standard across any consumer electronics, there’s protection built into this best Oculus Quest 2 battery pack for overcharging and overheating. Like most built-in battery head straps, Aubika head strap balances itself against the main Oculus Quest 2 unit to provide better balance for the user. 

The mainframe is made of ABS and PC for a robust build quality that should be able to handle whatever is thrown at it within reason.  The lower and over-head straps are made of TPU material that’s wipable and more hygienic than the standard velcro straps found on some devices.

There we have it, our best picks of the best Oculus Quest 2 battery packs at the time of writing. We’ve gone for built-in battery back straps in this guide as it’s the safest way to give Oculus Quest some extra juice without wires and power packs swinging around.

There are also various choices for different budgets, there’s even an option for users looking to save some money by using an existing power bank providing it meets the required specifications. Ultimately in this guide, you get what you pay for, which is why we have chosen the following best Oculus Quest 2 battery pack as our number one choice:

What’s the best Oculus Quest 2 battery pack?

The best type of Oculus Quest 2 battery pack will be the one that has a high mAh than the Oculus Quest built-in battery.

What’s the difference between a battery pack and a power bank?

Nothing. Different people and companies will use different names for anything that holds a charge, but it’s more or less the same technology.

How do I know what the battery capacity is?

There’s a simple equation to work this out. Battery life = Battery Capacity in mAh divided by Load Current in mAh.

Our Verdict

Built by the same people that built Oculus Quest 2, this best Oculus Quest 2 battery pack looks the part whilst providing some great one-handed convenience thanks to the adjustable wheel at the rear of the headset. This securely fits the Oculus Quest 2 system on users whilst perfectly balancing the headset weight comfortably with a back strap that sits underneath a user’s head.

It’s a higher-priced choice that’s for sure, but in this case, users will get what they pay for. The wire that is attached to the rear battery pack runs alongside the hard plastic sidebars of the elite strap, making sure it’s free from dangling over and around a user’s ear.