Sennheiser GSP 670 Headset Review

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Wireless tech is a funny thing. In one respect it is everywhere in our lives. Everything is wireless, we expect it and yet certain aspects of it are still really expensive and premium.


Wireless audio is one such area where the price really doesn’t seem to come down ever and most of the key manufacturers will have a range of wireless headsets covering the mid-range to the high-price sectors.


Nobody wants a wired connection – although conveniently we forget that a wired connection is pretty much lag-free and in competitive gaming that can give you those milliseconds of an advantage and mean your brain doesn’t have to adjust to what it is hearing.


With all that in mind let’s have a look at the top-of-the-range Sennheiser GSP 670 today – a wireless gaming headset from a pro brand that promises to alleviate some of those latency issues while delivering an aural experience that can’t be matched. Let’s go.

Aural pleasure

As for audio quality, it’s as good as I have heard from a set like this. I have wrecked my ears over the years but I was hearing sounds and nuances in Apex Legends that I genuinely have never heard before. You can easily switch between stereo and faux 7.1 with the tap of a button or through the very in-depth software package you can use to tweak.

Speaking of the software when I booted it up and connected the headset via USB for a quick charging session the programme reported that I h1ad new firmware available for the cans, a software update and a firmware update for the dongle.


The headphones updates fine, as did the software but I haven’t been able to update the dongle firmware – it times out after about 10 minutes but I’m sure that will get sorted at some point. I also couldn’t easily find a changelog to help me decide if I wanted to update. I’m always inherently nervous of firmware updates!

I wanted to test out the range and as I am currently working from home and socially distancing the living daylights out of myself that involved heading downstairs. Once out of the line of sight of the dongle the audio started to drop in and out but I was still able to pick up an, albeit crackly, signal downstairs and in my kitchen. As soon as I returned upstairs though everything kicked back in just fine so for me, it performed admirably.

Besides a couple of games where the sound was second to none, I also whizzed some music through it in Traktor Pro DJ to check latency and bass. Again it worked flawlessly. They aren’t necessarily headphones you would just away from your home setup due to the non-detachable mic – they aren’t public transport wear that’s for sure but you can connect them via Bluetooth to your phone should you fancy.


Are they for everybody? Well, they are and they aren’t. If you are looking for a top-drawer wireless headset and money is no option then yes. I’d buy them immediately. If you are thinking, do I really need to drop $300 on headphones/ Then maybe not?

Having said that when you look at the price of AirPods and compare the sound and everything else on offer here they start to look a bit more reasonable.

I’m not sure you are going to find a better set out there right now. They are lovely, well-made and suitable heavy. Audio response is terrific and they work like a charm. 

Maybe it’s that present you deserve to buy yourself with all the money you are saving not going out.